Siem Reap More Than I Can Tell

Forty hours may not be enough to explore Siem Reap, could be too long too. It really depends on what you want to do in this place. The following pictures show what we've been doing for 40 hours minus 12 hours to sleep. Enjoy!
The first thing we do after checked in at the hotel was finding a place to eat. After searching awhile at Pub Street, we ended up at 'Cambodian Soup'. The food was excellent, and the service was good. 

Pub Street was once a French quarter. You can find a handful of restaurant that serve good food. If you care for drink you can go to a pub that suit your taste. Most of the pub has balcony for visitor to sit while sipping the drink they can enjoy music or live show. 
After dinner we walked to the night market. There were two different night market. This one is newest than the other.  We may find handicraft, jewelry, foods and drinks. While the other side of the night market mostly selling bags, and cloths. 
Or like the local people, just sit down on the bridge and enjoy the view. 
Watch the dance. The background music is similar to gamelan.
These children were watching the performance.    
Cambodia is also famous for it woven fabric.
Shopping is more convenience in Siem Reap than Bangkok, most of the vendor speak English and a little Mandarin. Although, bargaining is an interesting part of shopping, but the sellers quite reasonable. 
All right! Dinner, done. Shopping ticked. Tired after long hours on the road from Bangkok, time for foot massage. These boys told us that they earned one US Dollar per night and use the money to pay their own school tuition fee. 
At last, go back to the hotel. Need to recharge for tomorrow Angkor Wat tour. Sophea, the tuk-tuk driver who drove us from bus stop to the hotel will pick us up at 5 am. 
At the time of leaving Siem Reap, and when my plane was prepared for take off from Siem Reap Angkor International Airport,  I looked out from the window. Meaningful short visit, I told myself. I have visited many interesting places in the world, but many more places I have not visited yet. Each trip has inspired me to become a wiser, and more spiritual spiritual creature. Fare well, Angkor. Thank you for your hospitality.